The Dreampoint Sampler

Saigekiem, Auporiem, and Daetriem / The three spheres of the existential dreamworld / ....I must envisage the totality of the infinite / and, in accord, my relationship thereto....

About the Project

The Dreampoint™ Sampler is an exploration into the art of dreaming. Based upon over twenty years of personal fascination into the dreamworld, the project continues to evolve from empirical experience, while introducing elements of sci-fi and fantasy.

1. History

The science of dreaming still remains a highly esoteric field of study. However, for many centuries an almost ritualistic practice known as dream alchemy, or Pende Gaten, has been performed by a secret and engimatic society who call themselves Chasengate.

The knowledge of the Chasengate elders has been passed down with every generation, through numerous young acolytes and masters, amassing an extraordinary collection of mysterious canons and lore.

2. Background

The Phanto Murain refers to the essence of everything that is real and surreal. It is the fundamental existential domain, and as such, we are never apart from it.

As corporeal beings, we are incapable of experiencing the totality of existence by what is known as Daetriem, quite literally Earth, and the restrictions it imposes. Encompassing Daetriem is Auporiem, or Heaven, gateway to which is Saigekiem, sometimes refered to as Dreampoint. The passage of Saigekiem only occurs following death. However, even in slumber we can often realise the “light” of supernatural consciousness — an awareness that is most divine.

Dream is defined:  “something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality.” This is indeed attributive of Auporiem, a universe in which perfection is indefinite and surrealism is omnipresent.

While it may often appear the Dreamworld is attainable only by means of sleep or death, it is the very essence of all three spheres of being: Auporiem, Daetriem, and Saigekiem. The act of Dreaming in and of itself often refers to any higher level of consciousness, that is, surpassing one's current state of mind.

Understandably, illusions are quite easily attributed to fantasy. However, despite this human inclination, it is important to realize that our natural consciousness is the only deception. The faculty for uninhibited perception is only possible in the dimension of pure imagination.

Dream alchemists are able to manipulate their understanding of existence to achieve greater enlightment. While incapable of willfully transcending from Daetriem to Saigekiem and Auporiem, they do possess the ability to freely re-associate with the three spheres of consciousness.

3. Terminology

The following terms originated from the ancient dialects of the dream alchemists. Suitable translations are provided.

  • Auporiem - spiritual domain; supernatural consciousness; heavenly being
  • Daetriem - corporeal domain; natural consciousness; worldly being
  • Saigekiem - crossover domain; gateway between real and surreal; dreampoint
  • Seutengiem - transition from the spiritual to the corporeal (or vise versa)
  • Penthe - sleeping or sleep-state
  • Teupenthe - crossover into the sleep-state
  • Nepenthe - crossover out of the sleep-state
  • Pende Gaten - dream alchemy; the medieval science of dreaming
  • Litse Gaten Delaete - spiritual harmony between the real and the imaginary
  • Kinde Spaten - study of dreaming usually through apprenticeship practices
  • Inobiat - demi-god who presides over the dreamworld
  • Pheratikon - demi-god who controls the crossover domain
  • Tupaithall - demi-god who controls the spiritual domain
  • Xthatenj - demi-god who controls the corporeal domain
  • Chasengate - secret society of dream alchemists; keepers of the netherworld
  • Indoleutaire - dream paralysis; inability to wake
  • Eminsepice - insomnia; inability to sleep
  • Jekitch Drauch - nightmare or night terror
  • Vaerte - ability to recall one's dreams after waking
  • Ouskviat - forgetfulness of one's dreams after waking
  • Delaete - awareness of one's own self between wake and sleep
  • Phanto Murain - totality of existence; dreamworld
  • Phantomeur - the full circle of demi-gods

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